late to every party
its cool just means you owe me one or something idek or that we should just go get one yeah i like that idea best we should do that hahahaha its hard to capture this beautifully handsome face

omgosh I will totally take you for milkshakes, Dave.

You know who has good milkshakes? Johnny Rocket’s. Let’s go to Johnny Rocket’s this instant.

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    … I’ve actually been to a Johnny Rockets…
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    Maybe its cause I live about a five minute drive from one, or it could be the constant birthday parties, but i don’t see...
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    Well then get your ass over here man. 'cause I wouldn't want you to die or anything. : )
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    well god damn this is just getting better every second p sure im going to have get my ass over there so we can go...
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    Dave, how have you never heard of Johnny Rockets?? They’re, like, AMAZING So freaking good