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Time for a Sugar Rush name puzzle!


Also downstairs at the El Cap was a mock Sugar Rush console that played concept art. But looking closer at the names on it…

…?? ??? ? ? ??

Some of these are similar to the ones we know if not spelled a bit differently, but the others? Rumple, Peterbelly, Emmarald, Merfus?? Were there name changes late in the game or something? Let’s see:

If the name Minty here is possibly referring to Candlehead (see also: THAT FAMOUS DILEMMA), then I’m thinking that the Minty we know is actually Emmarald, because she’s green and all.

Soup posted a thing from XBox live:

So, Rumple must be Gloyd.

Now let’s look at Swizzle’s stands!:

They say Swizzle in the movie, but here— and in the art book— they DO say Merfus on them, which never made ANY sense to me until this moment. (thanks Hime for confirming this!)

And then of course this only leaves one other option for Rancis: Peterbelly.

… Peterbelly Buttercap, perhaps?

Which— as Soup just pointed out to me— sounds a bit like Peanut butter ‘n Jelly, and could explain why his jacket is red in the Disney Store merchandise? Maybe he used to have a PBnJ theme, before he went straight up peanut butter cup.

Just some food for thought!

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    Emmareld is Minty, candlehead is the ‘Minty’ you see on here!
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